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8051 Pin Diagram

8051 Pin Diagram & Description

 8051 Pin Diagram

Pin Description:
40VccActive High Input. Power Supply. Usually +5V.
32 – 39 P0.0 – P0.7Bi-directional IO port. Bit/Byte addressable.
AD0 – AD7Data bus and lower order address bus for external memory interfacing.
31EAActive Low Input. External Access input is used to enable or disable external memory interfacing.
VppProgramming Voltage
30ALEActive High Output. Address Latch Enable is used to de-multiplex address and data signal of port 0.
PROGProgram pulse input during EPROM/ROM programming.
29PSENActive Low Input. Program Store Enable is used to read signal from external program memory.
21 - 28P2.0 – P2.7Bi-directional IO port. Bit/Byte addressable.
A8 – A15Address bus for external memory interfacing.
20VssPower Supply Ground. 0V.
18 – 19 XTALInputs for on-chip oscillator and clock generator circuit.
17 P3.7Bi-directional IO pin.
RDActive Low Output. External memory Read control signal.
16P3.6Bi-directional IO pin.
WRActive Low Output. External memory Write control signal.
15P3.5Bi-directional IO pin.
T1External input to Timer 1.
14P3.4Bi-directional IO pin.
T0External input to Timer 0.
13P3.3Bi-directional IO pin.
INT1Input. External interrupt source.
12P3.2Bi-directional IO pin.
INT0Input. External interrupt source.
11P3.1Bi-directional IO pin.
TxDOutput. Transmits serial data.
10P3.0Bi-directional IO pin.
RxDInput. Received serial data.
9ResetReset Input.
1 – 8 P1.0 – P1.7 Bi-directional IO port. Bit/Byte addressable.

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