Thursday, January 14, 2016

Embedded System Characteristics

Embedded Computer System is designed to perform predefined function, its hardware and software components are specialized and custom designed. Usually an embedded computer system has the following characteristics.
  • Requirement  – usually with very specific requirements
  • Functionality – specifically designed to perform special functions
  • Programmability – either fixed in capability or programmable
  • Dedicating – performs dedicated or predefined tasks
  • Real time – respond to an event without any delay
  • Reactive – continual interaction with its environment, Respond to external events and Recover from un-predictable events
  • Reliability – system should be working correctly provided that it was working at time t = 0
  • Maintainability – system should be working correctly within a specified period of time after an error occurred
  • Availability – system should be working at time t
  • Safety – should follow domain standards and no harm to be caused
  • Security – confidential and authentic communication
  • Energy efficient – low power dissipation, conserve as much power as possible
  • Code-Size efficient – software is specific to hardware and should not be generic
  • Run time efficient – should be optimized as much as possible to yield best response for an event
  • Size efficient – should be designed to fit in to larger system
  • Weight efficient – should be affordable
  • Cost efficient – should be reasonable and affordable
  • Limited – memory, development environment, user interface
  • Guaranteed system response
  • Frequently connected to external devices
  • Computer is completely encapsulated by the device it controls
  • Hardware and Software coupled together to perform device function

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