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Embedded System Applications

Embedded systems control many devices in common use today. Embedded systems are commonly found in automotive, medical, commercial, consumer, and cooking, industrial and military applications.
There are uncountable examples of the applications of embedded systems.
Embedded System Applications - Automotive
Automotive - Ignition System, Engine Control, Brake System, Automatic transmission, Automatic headlight and high beams, Emission controls, Child proof locks, Tire pressure detection, The famous check engine light, Automatic stability control, Radio sensor checks(oxygen, temperature, oil level etc.), Sunroof, Key-less entry, Mirror settings, Cruise control, Heated seats, Dashboard display(speedometer, odometer, etc.), Climate control, Airbag control, etc.
Embedded System Applications - Aerospace
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Aerospace - Flight attitude controllers, space robotics, automatic landing systems, navigational systems, space explorer, satellites, military & defense, Missile Threat Detection,  Flight Data Recorder, Weapons System Tracking, Aircraft Engine Controls, Electronic Controllers, Secure Communications, Ruggedized Systems, safety-critical and mission-critical units, motion control devices, Data Concentrator Units (DCU), Smart Servos, Maintenance Data Computers (MDC), Rugged Servers, Switches, Displays etc.
Embedded System Applications - Banking and Finance
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Banking and Finance - Share market, Cash register, Smart vendor machine, ATM, etc.
Embedded System Applications - Entertainment

Entertainment - Video games, MP3, Smart toy, Display devices, Camera, etc.
Embedded System Applications - Home Appliances
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Home Appliances - Dish washer, Washing machines, Microwave appliances, Toasters, Security systems, dishwashers, DVD, TV,  Air Conditioner, Set-Top Boxes, etc.
Embedded System Applications - Industrial Control
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Industrial Control - Robotics and Control Systems (Manufacturing), Assembly line, data collection system, data monitoring system, etc.
Embedded System Applications - Instrumentation
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Instrumentation - Signal generator, Signal processor, Power supplier, Power instrumentation.
Embedded System Applications - Medical
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Medical - Infusion Pumps, Dialysis Machines, Prosthetic Devices, Cardiac Monitors, ECG, EMG, MRI, EEG, CT scanner, BP Monitor, Glucose monitor, etc.
Embedded System Applications - Networking
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Networking - Routers, Hubs, Gateways, front-end processor in a server, switch, bridge, etc.
Embedded System Applications - Office Automation
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Office Automation - Fax Machine, Photocopier, Printers, Monitors, Scanners, etc.
Embedded System Applications - Security
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Security - Building security system, face recognition, airport security system, eye recognition system, alarm system, finger recognition systems, etc.
Embedded System Applications - Telecommunication
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 Telecommunication - Cellular phone, web camera, IP Phone, GPS, etc.

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