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Embedded System Acronyms - V

Abbreviations and Acronyms - V

In Embedded System, Abbreviations and Acronyms are commonly used in Schematics, Documentation and Coding.  It’s the responsibility of an Embedded Engineer to aware of some commonly used acronyms and abbreviations for the purpose of better understanding.

Following is a table of embedded system acronyms and abbreviations for alphabet V.
VAVolt ampere
Vccsupply voltage
VCOVoltage Controlled Oscillator
VCSELVertical cavity surface emitting laser
VCTCXOVoltage Controlled, Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator
VCXOVoltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator
VDSLVery High Data Rate Digital Subscriber Line
VFDVacuum Fluorescent Display
VFOVariable Frequency Oscillator
VGAVariable Gain Amplifier
VHDLVery High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Design Language
VIDVoltage Identification Digital
VLFVery Low Frequency
VLIFVery Low Intermediate Frequency
VLIWVery Long Instruction Word
VLSIVery Large Scale Integration
VMEVersa Module Eurocard
VoIPVoice Over Internet Protocol
VOMVolt Ohm Meter
VPNVirtual Private Network
Vp pPeak to peak voltage
VpuPullup Supply Voltage
VRDVoltage Regulator Down
VRMVoltage Regulator Module
VSIAVirtual Socket Interface Alliance
VSWRVoltage Standing Wave Ratio
VUVolume Unit

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