Friday, January 22, 2016

Embedded System Acronyms - U

Abbreviations and Acronyms - U

In Embedded System, Abbreviations and Acronyms are commonly used in Schematics, Documentation and Coding.  It’s the responsibility of an Embedded Engineer to aware of some commonly used acronyms and abbreviations for the purpose of better understanding.

Following is a table of embedded system acronyms and abbreviations for alphabet U.
UARTUniversal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
UBUtilization Bound
UBMUnder Bump Metal
UDMUniversal Design Methodology
UDPUser Datagram Protocol
UHFUltra High Frequency
ULSIUltra Large Scale Integration
UMLUniversal Modeling Language
UMTSUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System
UPSUninterruptible Power Supply
URLUniform/Universal Resource Locator
USARTUniversal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
USBUniversal Serial Bus
USPUser Stack Pointer
UTPUntwisted Pair
UVLOUnder Voltage LockOut
UWBUltra WideBand

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