Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Choosing Domain Name

How to choose domain name?

Domain Name is your desired name of the website. It will be the address of your website like mywebsite.com. It consists of two parts. One is Name mywebsite and another is Extension .com. The extension can be com, in, us or others. You are allowed to create a unique name for your website in different extensions.

Choose a name that is easy to remember and relating to your web content.  Keep your domain name short and memorable. Avoid numbers, hyphens and symbols. Avoid prefix like the, my, our, yours.. You may not be able to own a domain on your desired name. So it is better to identify more than one name and prioritize them.

Choose the right extension for your domain. The extension depends on the purpose of the website, geographic location and target user.

You can register your domain name with a service provider and preferring another one for web hosting. Or you can do both with a service provider who is offering both at single place. Most of the web hosting companies provides domain registration services too.

You can register multiple domains for your website. Your desired name can be registered with different extensions. mywebsite.com, mywebsite.org, mywebsite.net, mywebsite.info, etc..  One can be primary domain and the rest are parked domains. Usually parked domains are clone of primary domain. Content of parked domain is copy of primary domain.

If your desired name is already registered you can try to acquire that name, if its owner is ready to sell them and you are wealthy.

Sub-domains can be created from your domain name. ny.mywebsite.com, tx.mywebsite.com, etc..

It is important to finalize your domain name and extension before registration. You can select your website URL as either www (www.mywebsite.com) or non-www (http://mywebsite.com) version after domain registration.

One last thing is, avoid checking domain availability in a service provider website unless you are going to register with them.

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