Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Choosing Web Hosting

How to choose web hosting?

Web Hosting is the company which provides storage space in their server for your website and allows other to access your website through internet. There are several web hosting companies with their own features and offers. Read about the web hosting company, their plan and its features. Web hosting company offers user interface, dashboard and plugin to control/build a website. So it is easy for a beginner, who doesn’t have prior experience in web development, to build a website.

Some of the factors to consider are price, price for long term, uptime, security & speed, storage space, customer support, latest technical platform support

Following are some of web hosting services.

Bluehost, DreamHost, GoDaddy, HostGator, IPage, Namecheap, Web.com, JustHost, FatCow

Choose the best hosting service & plan that best suits you.  The plan depends on purpose of your website and technical skills/resource to run a website.

Now, you have Domain Name and web host. What is else is required? You might have a question on designing website. Do I need to know HTML, PHP, Perl etc.. to create and design my website?. The answer is No.  But it is a huge advantage, if you knew coding. It helps to design your website the way you want. You can use Content Management System (CMS) software, which will be installed in host machine server, to create and design your website. CMS helps to build your website. Host server is accessible through internet using browser and web host service provider website. Some of the CMS platforms are Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, SquareSpace, Posterous, Drupal, Joomla, Concrete5.

Below are some common terms used by web hosting services

Wordpress – Open source website Content Management System (CMS), a website creation tool. Just install wordpress software and other plugins to begin. You are not required to write code in HTML or PHP. You can edit/design/customize your website in visual mode. The hosting service provider takes care of installing wordpress. You are allowed to install plugin & tools for website customization.

Shared Hosting – Many websites reside on one web server connected to internet. Websites share server resource like CPU, RAM, network bandwidth etc..

VPS Hosting – Virtual Private Server. A server is split in to several virtual servers and shared by users. It’s like Virtual Machine in desktop. Limited Dedicated resource (RAM, CPU time) is allocated to each account. You can install software and configure the way you want.

Dedicated Hosting – You are allowed and have access to all resources available on the machine.

Wordpress Hosting – Wordpress platform takes care of website design. You can focus on content.

Unlimited websites, unlimited domains, unlimited add-on domains – Single Account to host unlimited websites. You are allowed to host n number of websites using a single account. Remember you need to register each domain. Content or purpose of each domain or website differs. onlineproduct.com, storeproduct.net, example.com, etc..

Unlimited parked domains – Different domain or website with same content. example.com, example.net, example.us etc.. all with similar design and content. Just clone of primary domain. Remember you need to register each domain.

Unlimited sub-domains – Primary domain: product.com. Sub domain: online.product.com, store.product.com, offer.product.com etc..

Unmetered website space – No restriction on amount of server space

Unmetered bandwidth – Unrestricted bandwidth. You can use whatever is available.

Unlimited email account – You can have n number of email account associated with your domain. he@example.com, she@example.com, we@example.com etc..

Unlimited email storage – No restriction on mailbox size.

Domain privacy protection – Protects domain owner information. Generally it is available to all on internet.

Site Backup – Automatic daily/weekly/monthly backup.

Sitelock - Protect your website from fraud and malware, block malicious traffic and scans daily for other harmful threats.

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