Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Basic Plugin for WordPress Blog

Plugins required for WordPress Blog - Must have WordPress plugins

WordPress installation gives you the basic features.  Some additional or enhanced features have to be enabled or installed through plugin.  A coder or developer may not need this plugins. But for beginner or the one to work in visual mode, these plugins are must.

TinyMCE Advanced: - This plugin enable features that are not used frequently.  It enables TinyMCE menu in visual editor toolbar. You can add, remove and arrange the features in editing toolbar as you want. Some of its features are
  • Search and Replace in the Editor
  • Ability to set font family and font size
  • Support for creating and editing tables
To install this plugin, go to Dashboard->Plugins->Add New->Search ‘TinyMCE Advanced’->Install and then Activate. Go to Dashboard->Settings and click TinyMCEA Advanced. Enable the options/features  and Save changes.

Yoast SEO: - This plugin gives the best SEO options for WordPress. This is an all in one solution for WordPress. Some of its features are
  • Editing configuration files
  • Page Analysis
  • Focus Keyword and Meta Description
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Linking Webmaster Tools
  • Social Integration

To install this plugin, go to Dashboard->Plugins->Add New->Search ‘Yoast SEO’->Install and then Activate. Go to Dashboard and click SEO. 

In General settings, update Your Info and Webmaster Tools.

In Tiles & Metas, Set Title Separator, Title, Description & Keyword for Posts, Pages, Media, Categories, Tags, Formats and Archives. Configure site wide Meta settings.

In XML sitemap, check the box to enable sitemap

These are the basic settings. Update the other settings as needed.

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