Friday, September 30, 2016

Embedded System Glossary – N

Embedded System Terminology - N

NAK - A response that something was not received properly. Short for Not AcKnowledged
NAND Gate - A gate whose output is 0 when both inputs are 1.
Nanosecond - A billionth of a second
Netlist - A computer file that lists all of the connections needed to produce a printed circuit board.
Network Processor - A device that is similar to a microprocessor, except that it has been optimized for use in applications involving network routing and packet processing. Abbreviated NPU.
Nibble - A 4-bit chunk of data. Any byte consists of an upper nibble and a lower nibble
Noise - Any unwanted signal alteration from an input source, or any part of the input signal generated from something other then a sensor.
Nonmaskable interrupt - An interrupt that cannot be disabled. Abbreviated NMI.
NonVolatile Memory (NVM) - Memory that contains data or instructions that remain even when there is no power in the system.
NOR Gate - A gate whose output is 0 if either of the inputs are 1.
NOT Gate - See Inverter.

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