Wednesday, November 30, 2016

C Math Hyperbolic Functions

Hyperbolic Functions:
arg - floating point value representing a hyperbolic angle

sinh double sinh( double arg );
sinhf(C99) float sinhf( float arg );
sinhl(C99) long double sinhl( long double arg );
cosh double cosh( double arg );
coshf(C99) float coshf( float arg );
coshl(C99) long double coshl( long double arg );
tanh double tanh( double arg );
tanhf(C99) float tanhf( float arg );
tanhl(C99) long double tanhl( long double arg );
asinh(C99) double asinh( double arg );
asinhf(C99) float asinhf( float arg );
asinhl(C99) long double asinhl( long double arg );
acosh(C99) double acosh( double arg );
acoshf(C99) float acoshf( float arg );
acoshl(C99) long double acoshl( long double arg );
atanh(C99) double atanh( double arg );
atanhf(C99) float atanhf( float arg );
atanhl(C99) long double atanhl( long double arg );

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