Wednesday, November 30, 2016

C Floating-point Exceptions Functions

Exceptions Functions:
*flagp - pointer to an fexcept_t object where the flags will be stored or read from  
excepts - bitmask listing the exception flags to clear/raise/get/set/test
feclearexcept(C99) int feclearexcept(int excepts);
feraiseexcept(C99) int feraiseexcept(int excepts);
fegetexceptflag(C99) int fegetexceptflag(fexcept_t *flagp, int excepts);
fesetexceptflag(C99) int fesetexceptflag(const fexcept_t *flagp, int excepts);
fetestexcept(C99) int fetestexcept(int excepts);

Floating-point Exceptions Functions
Floating-point Rounding Functions
Floating-point Environment Functions

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