Wednesday, November 30, 2016

C Complex Hyperbolic Functions

Hyperbolic Functions:
z – complex argument
csinh(C99) double complex csinh(double complex z);
csinhf(C99) float complex csinhf(float complex z);
csinhl(C99) long double complex csinhl(long double complex z);
ccosh(C99) double complex ccosh(double complex z);
ccoshf(C99) float complex ccoshf(float complex z);
ccoshl(C99) long double complex ccoshl(long double complex z);
ctanh(C99) double complex ctanh(double complex z);
ctanhf(C99) float complex ctanhf(float complex z);
ctanhl(C99) long double complex ctanhl(long double complex z);
casinh(C99) double complex casinh(double complex z);
casinhf(C99) float complex casinhf(float complex z);
casinhl(C99) long double complex casinhl(long double complex z);
cacosh(C99) double complex cacosh(double complex z);
cacoshf(C99) float complex cacoshf(float complex z);
cacoshl(C99) long double complex cacoshl(long double complex z);
catanh(C99) double complex catanh(double complex z);
catanhf(C99) float complex catanhf(float complex z);
catanhl(C99) long double complex catanhl(long double complex z);

Trigonometric Functions
Hyperbolic Functions
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Power and Absolute-value Functions
Manipulation Functions

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