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C Library Function – complex

The <complex.h> header shall define the following function(s).

Trigonometric Functions:
z – complex argument
csin(C99) double complex csin(double complex z);
csinf(C99) float complex csinf(float complex z);
csinl(C99) long double complex csinl(long double complex z);
ccos(C99) double complex ccos(double complex z);
ccosf(C99) float complex ccosf(float complex z);
ccosl(C99) long double complex ccosl(long double complex z);
ctan(C99) double complex ctan(double complex z);
ctanf(C99) float complex ctanf(float complex z);
ctanl(C99) long double complex ctanl(long double complex z);
casin(C99) double complex casin(double complex z);
casinf(C99) float complex casinf(float complex z);
casinl(C99) long double complex casinl(long double complex z);
cacos(C99) double complex cacos(double complex z);
cacosf(C99) float complex cacosf(float complex z);
cacosl(C99) long double complex cacosl(long double complex z);
catan(C99) double complex catan(double complex z);
catanf(C99) float complex catanf(float complex z);
catanl(C99) long double complex catanl(long double complex z);

Hyperbolic Functions:
z – complex argument
csinh(C99) double complex csinh(double complex z);
csinhf(C99) float complex csinhf(float complex z);
csinhl(C99) long double complex csinhl(long double complex z);
ccosh(C99) double complex ccosh(double complex z);
ccoshf(C99) float complex ccoshf(float complex z);
ccoshl(C99) long double complex ccoshl(long double complex z);
ctanh(C99) double complex ctanh(double complex z);
ctanhf(C99) float complex ctanhf(float complex z);
ctanhl(C99) long double complex ctanhl(long double complex z);
casinh(C99) double complex casinh(double complex z);
casinhf(C99) float complex casinhf(float complex z);
casinhl(C99) long double complex casinhl(long double complex z);
cacosh(C99) double complex cacosh(double complex z);
cacoshf(C99) float complex cacoshf(float complex z);
cacoshl(C99) long double complex cacoshl(long double complex z);
catanh(C99) double complex catanh(double complex z);
catanhf(C99) float complex catanhf(float complex z);
catanhl(C99) long double complex catanhl(long double complex z);

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions:  
z – complex argument
cexp(C99) double complex cexp(double complex z);
ccxpf(C99) float complex cexpf(float complex z);
cexpl(C99) long double complex cexpl(long double complex z);
clog(C99) double complex clog(double complex z);
clogf(C99) float complex clogf(float complex z);
clogl(C99) long double complex clogl(long double complex z);

Power and Absolute-value Functions:
x, y, z – complex argument
cabs(C99) double cabs(double complex z);
cabsf(C99) float cabsf(float complex z);
cabsl(C99) long double cabsl(long double complex z);
cpow(C99) double complex cpow(double complex x, double complex y);
cpowf(C99) float complex cpowf(float complex x, float complex y);
cpowl(C99) long double complex cpowl(long double complex x,long double complex y);
csqrt(C99) double complex csqrt(double complex z);
csqrtf(C99) float complex csqrtf(float complex z);
csqrtl(C99) long double complex csqrtl(long double complex z);

Manipulation Functions:
x, y, z – complex argument
CMPLXF(C11) double complex CMPLX(double x, double y);
CMPLX(C11) float complex CMPLXF(float x, float y);
CMPLXL(C11) long double complex CMPLXL(long double x, long double y);
carg(C99) double carg(double complex z);
cargf(C99) float cargf(float complex z);
cargl(C99) long double cargl(long double complex z);
cimag(C99) double cimag(double complex z);
cimagf(C99) float cimagf(float complex z);
cimagl(C99) long double cimagl(long double complex z);
creal(C99) double creal(double complex z);
crealf(C99) float crealf(float complex z);
creall(C99) long double creall(long double complex z);
conj(C99) double complex conj(double complex z);
conjf(C99) float complex conjf(float complex z);
conjl(C99) long double complex conjl(long double complex z);
cproj(C99) double complex cproj(double complex z);
cprojf(C99) float complex cprojf(float complex z);
cprojl(C99) long double complex cprojl(long double complex z);

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