Friday, September 30, 2016

Embedded System Glossary – W

Embedded System Terminology - W

Walking 1s test - A memory test that involves moving a 1 bit through a byte or word to systematically confirm each bit can hold a 1 value. All of the other bits are set to 0 during the test
Watchdog timer - A fail-safe mechanism that intervenes if a system stops functioning. Abbreviated WDT
Watchpoint - Like a breakpoint, but in the data area of memory rather than the code area.
Wattmeter - A measurement device that measures power.
Way-Ahead-of-Time (WAT) Compiler - A compiler that translates higher-level code directly into machine code.
Well known port numbers - TCP and UDP port numbers 0 through 1023, which are reserved for standardized protocols, such as FTP, telnet, HTTP, and others.
White-box testing - Testing that occurs with a tester that has visibility into the system’s interworkings, such as having access to source code and schematics information.
Windows CE - An embeddable variant of Microsoft's Windows operating systems. Abbreviated WinCE.
Wire - A component made up of conductive material that carries signals between components on a board (i.e., bus wires) or between devices (i.e., wired transmission mediums).
Write Protect - Any method that keeps data from being over-written. It may be a physical obstacle or a file attribute choice that prevents overwriting.

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