Friday, September 30, 2016

Embedded System Glossary – J

Embedded System Terminology - J

Jack - An electrical device designed to accept a plug. There are many type of jacks, including coaxial, 2-plug, 3-plug, and phono, just to name a few.
Java Processor - A piece of silicon, or IP, capable of executing Java bytecodes natively.
Jitter - A dithering in time of a pulse or pulse train
Joint Test Access Group (JTAG) - A serial port standard that defines an external interface to ICs for debugging and testing.
Jump Table - An array of pointers to functions. A jump table is an efficient way to call one of several functions based on some input parameter. The input parameter is typically turned into an integer first, then used as an index into the array of function pointers. The address found there is the destination for the function call.
Jumper - A small piece of metal, usually within a plastic sheath, that is placed over a pair of pins to connect them electronically. By closing or opening this electrical circuit, the jumper acts as a switch. Embedded software can make run-time decisions based on the user's attachment or removal of each jumper on a circuit board.
Just-In-Time (JIT) Compiler - A higher-level language compiler that translates code via interpretation in the first pass, and then compiles into machine code that same code to be executed for additional passes.

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