Friday, September 30, 2016

Embedded System Glossary – G

Embedded System Terminology - G

Galvanometer - A measurement device that measures smaller amounts of current in a circuit.
Garbage Collector - A language-related mechanism that is responsible for deallocating unused memory at runtime.
Gate - A more complex type of electronic switching circuit designed to perform logical binary operations, such as AND, OR, NOT, NOR, NAND, XOR, and so on.
General Purpose I/O - Customizable input/output pins on a microcontroller.
Glass-box Testing - See White-box testing.
Glitch - An unwanted, spurious logic pulse of very short duration.
Glue Logic - The address decoding and other messy circuitry (or programmable logic) that ties together a system. It's called glue logic because it's what holds the entire system together.
GNU Tools - A broad generic name for the popular GNU compiler (gcc), debugger (gdb), binutils, and related software development tools.
Gray Code - Any of several possible mappings of the integers from 0 to 2n-1 to a set of n-bit binary values such that only 1 bit differs between each successive binary value. The mapping that's typically used is formally known as binary reflected Gray code
Ground - In a circuit, the negative reference point for all signals.

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