Tuesday, March 22, 2016

8051 Move Word

Move Word – MOV DPTR,#data16

MOV DPTR,#data16 loads the Data Pointer with the 16-bit constant indicated. The 16-bit constant is loaded into the second and third bytes of the instruction. The second byte (DPH) is the high-order byte, while the third byte (DPL) holds the lower-order byte. No flags are affected. This is the only instruction which moves 16 bits of data at once.

Encoding:10010000 immediate data15-8 immediate data7-0

The instruction,
MOV DPTR, # 1234H
loads the value 1234H into the Data Pointer: DPH holds 12H, and DPL holds 34H.
ORG 0H; start (origin) at location 0
MOV DPTR, #55AAH; load AAH in to DPL and 55H in to DPH
END; end of asm source file

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