Friday, February 19, 2016

Microprocessor Vs Microcontroller

Difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller

A microcontroller (sometimes abbreviated ┬ÁC, uC or MCU) is a small computer on a single integrated circuit containing a processor core, memory, and programmable input/output peripherals.

Microprocessor IC has a CPU and may also have some other units like cache, floating point processing unit.Microcontroller IC has a CPU, Memory and Peripherals.
Microprocessor does not have RAM, ROM, and other peripheral on the chip. It can interface to external Memory and peripherals.Microcontroller has on-chip RAM & ROM memory and functional units like interrupt handler, Serial port, io ports, timer, ADC and PWM.
Microprocessor is used when large embedded software is to be located in the external memoryMicrocontroller is used when a small or part of the embedded software has to be located in internal memory.
Microprocessor will not be up and running as quickly as program and data are stored in external memory.Microcontroller has a very short start-up period and can be executing code very quickly as program and data memories are internal.
Microprocessor has high computational capabilities.Microcontroller has limited computational capabilities.
Microprocessor input-output capabilities depend on external factors.Microcontroller has enhanced input-output capabilities on a chip
Microprocessor are used to execute big and generic applications Microcontroller will only be used to execute application specific dedicated tasks.
Microprocessor supports more op-codes, few bit handling instructionsMicrocontroller supports fewer op- codes, more bit handling Instructions
Microprocessor is like brain.Microcontroller is like entire body
Microprocessor is one component of the microcomputerMicrocontroller is a microcomputer
Microprocessor increases the cost of the product.Microcontroller based products are cheaper.
Microprocessor based products consume more power.Microcontroller based products consume less power.
Microprocessor is used in General purpose systems.Microcontroller is used in automatically controlled device.
Microprocessor based system can perform numerous tasks.Microcontroller based system can perform single or very few tasks.
Operating clock frequency is high. Usually Mhz to GhzOperating clock frequency is low. Usually Mhz
Microprocessor have Math coprocessor to perform complex mathematical calculationsSoftware libraries has to be used to perform complex mathematical calculations
The prime use of microprocessor is to perform instruction cycle repeatedlyIn addition to instruction cycle, microcontroller also controls it environment based on output of instruction cycle.
Have more operation codes (opcodes)Have few operation codes (opcodes)
Have few bit manipulation instructionsHave numerous bit manipulation instructions
Instruction throughput is given higher priority that interrupt latencyMicrocontrollers are designed to optimize interrupt latency
Not suitable for real time systemsPreferred for real time systems
Used in Personal computersUsed in Embedded Systems

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