Monday, February 15, 2016

Microcomputer System

Basics of Microcomputer

  • It is hard to imagine the present world of electronics without microcomputer
  • Microcomputers are used in cash registers, washing machines, scales ovens, traffic light controllers, etc.
  • Microprocessors are introduced in 1971. Intel 8080, Motorola 6800, Z80.
  • Microcontrollers are introduced in 1976. Intel 8748 (MCS 48 family).
  • In 1980, microcontrollers with advanced features are introduced. Intel 8051 (MCS51 family), Siemens SAB80515.
Microcomputer System:
Microcomputer is defined by two key traits:
  • The ability to be programmed to operate on data without human intervention
  • The ability to store and retrieve data
Generally, a microcomputer system includes
  • Hardware:  Peripheral devices for communicating with human
  • Software:  Program that process data.
A microcomputer system contains
  • CPU connected to RAM and ROM via address bus, data bus and control bus.
  • Interface circuits connect the system buses to peripheral device.

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