Sunday, February 28, 2016

8051 Immediate Addressing Mode

Immediate Addressing Mode

  • In this mode, the source operand is an 8-bit or 16-bit constant value
  • Constant is specified in instruction rather than in a register or memory location
  • Immediate operands are preceded by #
  • Operands may be numeric constant, a symbolic variable, or an arithmetic expression using constants, symbols and operators
  • Assembler computes the value and substitutes the immediate data into the instruction
  • The value to be stored in memory immediately follows the operation code in memory
  • Example:
  • ADD A, #30H
    The above instruction add constant 30H to value in accumulator
    MOV DPTR, #FE00H
    The above instruction move constant FE00H to DPTR
We can use directives to access immediate data as shown below.
COUNT        EQU    30
MOV R4, #COUNT    ; R4 = 30
ORG 200H
DATA:    DB    “HELLO”
8051 Immediate Addressing Mode Example

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