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Embedded System Acronyms - P

Abbreviations and Acronyms - P

In Embedded System, Abbreviations and Acronyms are commonly used in Schematics, Documentation and Coding.  It’s the responsibility of an Embedded Engineer to aware of some commonly used acronyms and abbreviations for the purpose of better understanding.

Following is a table of embedded system acronyms and abbreviations for alphabet P.
PAPower Amplifier
PAEPower Added Efficiency
PALPhase Alternate Line
PALProgrammable Array Logic
Phase Alternating Line
PANPersonal Area Network
PBCPort Bypass Circuit
PCPrinted Circuit
PCPersonal Computer
PCBPrinted Circuit Board
PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect
PCIePeripheral Component Interconnect Express
PCMPulse Code Modulation
PCMCIAPersonal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCPPriority Ceiling Protocol
PCSPersonal Communications Service
PCTPressure Cooker Test
PDAPersonal Data Assistant
PDCPersonal Digital Cellular
PDIPhase Detector Input
PDJPattern Dependent Jitter
PDMPulse Density Modulation
PDOPhase Detector Output
PDUProtocol Data Unit
PEPresentation Engine
Processing Element
PECLPositive Referenced Emitter Coupled Logic
PFDPhase Frequency Detector
PFIPower Fail Input
PFMPulse Frequency Modulation
PFMEAProcess Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
PFOPower Fail Output
PGPower Good
Power Gain
PGAProgrammable Gain Amplifier
PIDProportional Integral Derivative
PIOParallel Input Output
PIPPriority Inheritance Protocol
Picture In Picture
PIVPeak Inverse Voltage
PKIPublic Key Infrastructure
PLAProgrammable Logic Array
PLCProgrammable Logic Controller
PLCProgram Location Counter
PLCCPlastic Leaded Chip Carrier
PLDProgrammable Logic Device
PLLPhase Locked Loop
PLMPad Limiting Metal
PMProgramming Manual
PMICPower Management Integrated Circuit
PMMPower Management Mode
pMOSp channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
PMRPrivate Mobile Radio
PoEPower over Ethernet
POLPoint Of Load
PONPassive Optical Network
POPPeriodic Operating Point
PORPower on reset
POSIXPortable Operating System Interface X
POTSPlain Old Telephone Service
P PPeak to Peak
PPAPProduction Part Approval Process
PPMParts Per Million
PPPPoint to Point Protocol
PRBSPseudo Random Binary (bit) Sequence
PRCParasitic Resistance Cancellation
PRCMParasitic Resistance Cancellation Mode
PRMPerformance Report Message
PROMProgrammable Read Only Memory
PRTPlatinum Resistance Thermometer
PSPower Sense
PSDPreamble Switched Diversity
PSKPhase Shift Keying
PSRPower Supply Rejection
PSRRPower Supply Rejection Ratio
PSTNPublic Switched Telephone Network
PSWProgram Status Word
PTCPositive Temperature Coefficient
PTEProcess Table Entry
PVRPersonal Video Recorder
PV SPico Volt Second
PWDPulse Width Distortion
PWMPulse Width Modulation

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