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Embedded System Acronyms - D

Abbreviations and Acronyms - D

In Embedded System, Abbreviations and Acronyms are commonly used in Schematics, Documentation and Coding.  It’s the responsibility of an Embedded Engineer to aware of some commonly used acronyms and abbreviations for the purpose of better understanding.

Following is a table of embedded system acronyms and abbreviations for alphabet D.
DACDigital To Analog Converter
DAGData Address Generator
DAQData Acquisition System
DASData Acquisition System
DASEDigital TV Applications Software Environment
DAVICDigital Audio Visual Council
DBSDirect Broadcast Satellite
DCDirect Current
D CacheData Cache
DCEData Communications Equipment
DCMDiscontinuous Conduction Mode
DCRDirect Conversion Receiver
DCSDigital Cellular System
DDIDigital Data Input
DDJData Dependent Jitter
DDRDouble Data Rate
DDRDData Direction Register D
DDSDirect Digital Synthesis
DECTDigital European Cordless Telephone
DFEDecision Feedback Equalization
DFMEADesign Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
DFTDesign For Testability
DGDifferential Gain
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DIMMDual Inline Memory Module
DIOData Input Output
DIPDual Inline Package
DLCDouble Layer Capacitor
DMADirect Memory Access
DMACDirect Memory Access Controller
DMLData Manipulation Language
DMMDigital Multimeter
DMPDual Modulus Prescaler
DMRDigital Microwave Radio
DMTDiscrete Multitone Data Transmission
DNLDifferential Nonlinearity
DNSDomain Name Server
Domain Name System
Domain Name Service
DOCSISData Over Cable Service Interface Specification
DPDifferential Phase
DPAKDiscrete Packaging
DPDDigital Phase Detector
DPDTDouble Pole Double Throw
DPHData Pointer High
DPLData Pointer Low
DPMDigital Panel Meter
DPSData Pointer Select
DPSTDouble Pole Single Throw
DPWMDigitally Adjusted Pulse Width Modulation
DQPSKDifferential Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
DRAMDynamic Random Access Memory
DRCDesign Rule Checking
DRLDaytime Running Lamps
DSData Sheet
DSLDigital Subscriber Line
DSLAMDigital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
DSPDigital Signal Processor
DSSPDigital Sensor Signal Processor
DSSSDirect Sequence Spread Spectrum
DTBDigital Terrestrial Broadcasting
DTEData Terminal Equipment
DTMFDual Tone Multiple Frequency
DTVIADigital Television Industrial Alliance of China
DVBDigital Video Broadcasting
DVMDigital Voltmeter
DWDMDense Wave Division Multiplexing
DXCDigital Cross Connect

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