Thursday, January 21, 2016

Connector Symbol

Connector Types and Symbols

Plug and SocketConnector Symbol - Plug and Socket
AC Power PlugConnector Symbol - AC Power Plug
AC Power Plug and JackConnector Symbol - AC Power Plug and Jack
AC Power Connector - FemaleConnector Symbol - AC Female Connector
AC Power Connector - MaleConnector Symbol - AC Power Connector Male
Male Plug and Female SocketConnector Symbol - Male Plug and Female Socket
Female and Male CoaxialConnector Symbol - Female and Male Coaxial
CoaxialConnector Symbol - Coaxial
Phone Jack 2-ConductorConnector Symbol - Phone Jack 2 Conductor
Phone Jack 2-Conductor InterruptingConnector Symbol - Phone Jack 2 Conductor Interrupting
Phone Jack 3-ConductorConnector Symbol - Phone Jack 3 Conductor
PhonoConnector Symbol - Phono
Phone Plug 2 ConductorConnector Symbol - Phone Plug 2 Conductor
Phone Plug 3 ConductorConnector Symbol - Phone Plug 3 Conductor
Jack with SwitchConnector Symbol - Jack with Switch
Single line Jack and PlugConnector Symbol - Single line Jack and Plug
Outlet, Utility, 117-VConnector Symbol - Outlet Utility 117V
Outlet, Utility, 234-VConnector Symbol - Outlet Utility 234V
Plug, Utility, 117-VConnector Symbol - Plug Utility 117V
Plug, Utility, 234-VConnector Symbol - Plug Utility 234V

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